❤️ A MAGICAL VALENTINES! ❤️ Couples Tantric Kissing Master Class

February 14th, 2021 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm PST via Live on ZOOM For The Most Epic Valentines Date of your Life!

Fire Up Your Love, Passion & Intimacy

Discover the secrets of erotic kissing, straight out of the Kama Sutra. Join us for a playful, and sweet kissing workshop. Kissing is the most powerful way for couples to express their devotion, tenderness, while fully surrendering to the passion of the moment. Let us show you and your partner how to communicate more through erotic kissing. Learn the do’s and dont's of kissing. We will teach tantric kissing techniques for: expressing tenderness; opening the heart; inspiring romantic feelings; awakening erotic energy and amplifying your love making (orgasms too!) Are you a good kisser? Well, don’t take that for granted! It can always get better…

What will you experience in class:

  • Kiss with ALL of your senses
  • Kissing as the gateway to a deep soul connection
  • Opening nadis (energetic pathways)
  • Ecstatic feelings
  • Kissing foreplay, to intensify arousal quickly
  • Oneness, Divine Union 
  • Heart opening 
  • Science behind erotic kissing, rewire your neurology 
  • Experience a space of Sanctuary in your being
  • Explore modern and classic Tantric kissing techniques

Workshop Content:

  • Kama Sutra Laws of Kissing
  • Understand the Energetics of a Kiss
  • Kissing Hands, Arms, Neck & More…
  • Stimulating Sensual Kissing Foreplay 
  • Creative Lip Kissing
  • Advanced Kissing (including Kika’s hotest french “TANTRIC KISS”)
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEED: We are confident that you will receive valuable skills, have plenty of FUN with your partner and feel enriched by this adventurous class – Or we will give you your MONEY BACK – no questions asked! Seriously. We are absolutely committed to your happiness, growth and satisfaction!


This is for you even if you:

  • Don’t feel attractive
  • Feel too old or too young or too whatever
  • Can’t keep that passion alive
  • Don’t have time for that anymore... life, the kids, work, etc.
  • Feel inexperienced, shy or embarrassed
  • Stuck in a rut - with boredom in the bedroom
  • Have been together for 20 years and not so sexual anymore
  • Think your partner will never change or isn’t interested
  • Feel clumsy, confused and inadequate in bed

Divine Kika



 Her seminars, classes, workshops, and private lessons have supported thousands of people to awaken to their divine love, uncover new levels of consciousness and deepen the intimacy in their relationship with themselves and others. 

Kika can teach you the essential and most life-changing practices of Tantra in just a few short private sessions, or through her classes, retreats, and workshops. 

"Dharma and Divine kika,

I went to their ceremony and experience something truly remarkable

"Dharma and Kika are in a Deeply Loving Relationship.

They are real Tantric Yogis, and have healing powers!!!They share a Space of  true Love and  Expansion of the Soul, just to come in their presence. They quickly brought me back to my center and I found my balance with my feelings and thoughts.

They are a true gift to anyone that comes to be with then."

Debbi Houser,

Project Manager





He has chosen to devote his entire life to helping humanity with overcoming obstacles and suffering. Through the 3 years living the lifestyle as a Hindu monk, he has learned the science of manifesting any reality you choose, discovering from within your untapped dormant potential living life fully with limitless possibilities.

What are people saying about this kissing workshop

"Tantric kissing is juicier with a plate of fruit! Last weekend, my husband, Joe and I participated in a Tantric kissing workshop led by the highly skilled Divine Kika. Who could resist a beautiful Brazilian Goddess leading you through intimate practices with your beloved? Well, Joe and I couldn’t. One look at the workshop through a Facebook event page had us hooked. First, I will let you know that it was absolutely wonderful and certainly one of the best date nights that we’ve ever had. It was unique, we were in the company of conscious couples, and we were learning something new — learning something that would enhance our relationship; everything about it was just perfect." Lana Shay


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