Tantric Secrets to: 

Become a Tantric Lover

Experience intimacy connection and love

Sexual confidence and mastery is at your grasp! Expand your orgasmic power! BECOME THE LOVER WHO ALWAYS SATISFIES! This Event is for Singles and Couples July 3rd. , 7pm on Zoom LIVE EVENT at your phone or computer!

What if you could have all that you desire?

Expand your capacity for ecstatic pleasure

This class is about opening your heart, freeing yourself, and expanding your bliss. We will explore what it means to be a Tantric lover. You will learn how to be fully in your sexual power. Your love and sexuality will become unified and you will open yourself up to untapped potential for pleasure and fulfillment.

We will teach you: 

Breathing techniques to enhance and awaken sexual energy. Secrets to expanding and empowering your orgasms. Getting out of your head and into your body with focused awareness of body sensations. Awaken your inner power with self awareness. Learn how to let go of old energies that are holding you back, forgiving yourself and forgiving others, letting go of past relationships, traumas, programming and dilemmas. Embody your confidence and find your highest self. Connect deeper to your pleasure and your lover. 

Does this seem familiar?


  • Feeling like there is something more to love and sex
  • In relationship but still lonely or sexually frustrated

  • Relationship has lost its passion

  • Single, too many dates no deep connection

  • Pornography addiction or chronic masturbation

  • Feel sexually numb or body isn’t cooperating (ED or vaginal dryness)

  • Emotionally shut down

  • Have everything, yet still feel unfulfilled

  • Given up on love or feel unlovable or unworthy of love

  • Feel clumsy, confused or inadequate in bed

  • Partner will never change or isn’t interested

  • Not enough time for love and intimacy


Know your self: connect with your soul's purpose

Receive practical techniques to take home with you to enhance your sexual love life and spiritual well being. We will begin with a meditation and dance and we will end with a puja. This class includes solo and interactive exercises that will incorporate conscious use of breath, movement, dance, sound, touch, energy work and meditation. This class is devoted to sacred sexuality, opening the doors to your soul and awakening to your ecstatic bliss.

Are you ready to create a love and sex life you truly desire?

We are glad you are joining us for this fun, sexy, and yummy class on how to create a lasting love-life you love. Be prepared to have your eyes-opened, heart-awakened and mind-expanded.


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