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Perhaps you have read articles or books about extending your orgasm. Maybe you've even signed up for a course on Tantra, but couldn't wrap your head or heart around the concepts. Or you may be one of millions of men who bought pills and supplements to enhance your libido. If you're reading these words, it's likely none of them worked.

In this class we will teach you techniques to not only gain mastery over your sexual energy but to move the energy through your whole body and experience multiple orgasms. We will discuss the benefits of bringing more choice to how you invest your sexual energy, as well, as how to bring intention to channel this energy into creativity and vitality.

Ejaculation is not merely a pathway to releasing tension. You will come to learn more about the code that unlocks the interior secrets of a man, and in turn, unleashes a power you never knew you had. Once you have become a master of your male sexual energy you will unlock a masculine confidence. You will notice that women will look at you differently and develop a magnetic attraction to you. You will notice that your second chakra will become more alive, firm and maybe even bigger when you ejaculate less.

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Divine kika is an #1 International Bestseller, a world renowned author and Tantra Teacher 

As a gifted spiritual healer, and a leading global voice for authentic Tantric experience and practice. Blending spiritual and philosophical teachings from many different cultures from around the world, Alexsandra teaches her students how to heal inner wounds through a deepened understanding of their sexual energy and how they can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity. Seminars workshops, and private lessons that show students how to expand their joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within their personal relationships by broadening their understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective. Sexuality is sacred and you become whole by embracing who you truly are as a sexual and spiritual being.

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