7 Steps for an Extraordinary Bliss

Take Control of Your Life!


This online course will have a powerful impact on the way you live your life.

 7 Videos, 7 Steps to Live a happier life, in any circumstances, you can create a lasting change now. 

I am still blown away by my life today, I am so grateful that I get to share What I have learned, so you can build an amazing life for yourself too.

25 years ago I would never imagine I could have a life as I have now my mind was stuck on pain and trauma.

I am not telling you this to impress you, I just want you to see that is possible for me it is possible for almost anyone.

But life was not always this way.

THIS IS HARD FOR ME TO TELL YOU but I will share how my journey began…

At the age of 13, I was lost. It all started when I was seduced by the 45-year-old mayor. We became lovers. On the other hand, I was working two jobs while going to school to help my mother to raise my two younger brothers.

We were struggling to survive…my mother was sick and I had to help her pay the bills.

I was in a 3rd world country surviving, when my mom was pregnant with my younger brother she found out that my dad was lying to her, cheating on her, and destroying her credit. I had no choice, I had to help. I had to do my dad's job, helping my mom to take care of my brothers and pay bills. 

After being molested by a couple of family members.

By the time I was 16 my life was out of control I was addicted to drugs and suicidal. One night I tried to take my own life. I still have the scars on my wrist as a reminder. 

As you can see, I grew up without any role models for what a healthy, happy life or a healthy loving fulfilling relationship looks like.

Today I am living a happy fulfilling life doing my purpose. I found a way to experience bliss.

What I have learned along this long journey and all the healing I have got for myself and all the years of helping so many people, I have turned it into a  online course for you.

Happiness does not come from someone or something,

There is only one way.

I mean there is only ONE way:

Master your bliss! To know yourself and have the tools to create happiness and joy daily no matter what life throws at you.

I understand this is a big statement!

My happiness, I earned it!

(I had to work on myself and heal myself)

Take control of your life!

If you just wait for a miracle it is not going to happen.

You must take action.

This is for you, if you're tired of ups and downs and not getting what you truly want, feeling empty like there’s got to be more to this …

My name is Divine Kika.

I work with all kinds of people, including the highest executives in the Silicon Valley. People from all over the globe are experiencing this change, I am helping them to find happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life, especially relationships. it is your time now! 

I did not start here...

The poor girl from Brazil that had worked 2 jobs, go to school while being lovers with the mayor. Helping my mother to raise my brothers, I could never even imagine that I would be so happy today.

I have been there. Through the lows and very dark times.

Now I want to help you create lasting happiness and fulfilling relationships. I want to share the secrets with you.

So you do not have struggled for 25 years to achieve it.

There are 5 core things you will get in this course:

  1. Clearing your past, so it is not in the way of your future. Be fully present now.

  2. Are you running your sex life? Or is your sexual life running you? How to be in harmony with your sexual energy.

  3. Expand pleasure and learn how to be your source of pleasure not depend on anyone

  4. What kind of relationship do you have with your body? In this world, if you compare yourself to other people you always come short. If you want to fall in love with yourself, you got to love and accept your body as it is. One of the easiest things to say, hardly ever done.

  5. A proven method to rewire your neurology, and reprogram your brain for happiness. Most people are actually wired to experience stress or sadness. This will improve your happiness factor.

What are you going to get:

✓ If you could truly put your past in the past. If you could do only that. What would that be worth $127 or more?

✓ If you could control your sexual energy, you would have clarity about your life and the choices you make. Simultaneously expand the length and the strength of your orgasmic power. $300

✓ If you could only transform your relationship with your own body. What is that worth? $100

✓ If you could love yourself more than you ever loved anyone else? $147

I could simply just sell it for what it's worth, but I want my global audience to be able to afford it!

It is going to be sold for $227, but for my inner circle celebrating the success of my book, it is only $97 Now

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THE BIGGEST MISTAKE  I have made was trying to do it all by myself.

What I did realize is that success lives clues and that I have found a mentor who taught me a method that I could commit to mastery. Mastery does not happen overnight that is why I set this course up for you. I will be your mentor.

What if you could master your past, master your sexual energy, and master your relationships?

My clients usually pay me thousands of dollars for this.

But right now you can have it for only $97


3 keys - it’s not just luck:

  1. Get yourself emotionally healthy,

  2. Get yourself physically healthy,

  3. Get yourself mentally healthy,

If you got hough the 7 steps and practice what I am teaching if this is not the best course you ever taken on bliss,

If you do not feel better about yourself like you never felt before,

If you do not fall in love with yourself,

You contact my office I refund you 100 %.

You have 60 days to fully test the course.


This is what your calendar will look like:

  • Monday is the best day of my life
  • Tuesday is the best day of my life
  • Wednesday is the best day of my life
  • Thursday is the best day of my life
  • ….

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