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Has the experience of COVID-19 impacted your closest relationship?

Are you longing to re-energize and renew your connection with your partner?

Imagine having a partner that totally supports you to be your best self that treasures you and loves you deeply.

Let's connect and begin! 

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Celebrate and renew your relationship!

Connect deeply with your partner once again and discover the secret Tantric spiritual practices in depth for expressions of love and connection at the comfort of your home.

Go deeper into self love and bring that energy into your connection with your partner. Bring greater joy to your relationship and create a loving atmosphere for you to dive into a wonderful journey...learning and experiencing Tantra for couples.

We cultivate a safe sacred space, loving presence, and compassionate communication. Heal your past traumas and old self, and awake your heart for even more love. Bring back that feeling of when you were first dating into your relationship, and foster and rekindle this event devoted to sacred sensuality, opening the doors to your soul and awakening to the ecstatic bliss of conscious connection.

We will be doing practices to increase connection and intimacy between the both of you, including conscious use of the breath, movement, dance, sound, conscious touch, energy work, meditation, and other inspired practices as we ignite the heart-sex energy connection. These practices will help you create a better sex life by bringing harmony, awareness, and sacredness to the connection with your partner and to the divine. This amazing journey will leave an imprint on your heart, your soul, and your psyche - elevating your awareness and transforming your life and relationships.

This program is for couples seeking to learn more about how to create greater, love, sex, and intimacy. We will help you to bring greater joy and awareness to you and to your relationship and will transform the ordinary parts of your lives into amazing experiences.

Start now and have a magical time celebrating who you are as an individual or together as a couple. Create a higher vision of who you are becoming!

The Tantric Relationship and Love Coaching you receive will deepen your awareness and capacity for love and heart connection, and create a powerful and positive experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives. No prior Tantra experience required! 

The Program:

Step One:  Let's see if I can help the two of you.   This is for couples serious about wanting to find a way back to love and passion in their relationship.  This initial session is $200 and that investment will be credited against any of the programs that I offer should we all decide to work together.  And it is 100% refundable if you just decide that this first session was not valuable to help you reconnect.  I don't want to keep your investment if I did not serve you.

Step Two:  If we decide to work together, the most common program includes a series of sessions with me, both privately and together as a couple.  

All of our sessions are conducted using ZOOM, so you meet me from the comfort of your own home or private space.

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Testimonials from Kika's clients

To our dearest Kika,
Hello! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and express our deepest gratitude for what you have given and restored to each other.

For myself, I am healing parts of me that I had no idea were hurting or in pain, or scarred. Some of the healing I have experienced so far is how to be open to tenderness, being in tune with my heart, and feeling the sweet caress of love. Being open and allowing myself to go through this journey with you and Judi is a powerful transmission of my gentle Being-ness. Exploring the sensual side of transmutation of my gentle Being-ness. Exploring the sensual side of love is such a great gift to receive and give to my loving wife. I am at peace with our paths crossing at the time that the universe bestowed upon us.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.
Love most dearly,
- Jennifer R

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