What if Love is not Enough for a Relationship to Grow?

Dec 17, 2020

Hello Beloveds,

What if love is not enough for a relationship to grow?

For many people, saying, “I love you”, having semi-regular sex, giving the occasional gift or going out for dinner on special occasions is believed to be a sufficient enough expression of love to sustain a relationship.

Like so many others, at one point in my life, I bought into this idea of love. Not anymore.

I believe love, as it’s been taught to most of us, is not enough for a true union to be cultivated and grown between two people.
I’m not open for love without self-love and self-acceptance.
I’m not open for love without authenticity.
I’m not open for love without relentless devotion.
I’m not open for love without responsibility.
I’m not open for love without vulnerability.
And I’m not open for love based on lust.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Based on my work with women, men, and couples I don’t believe I am.

Most people seek for love, even lust after it, or simply lust after sex, all the while forgetting the power of love within themselves. When every pore of your being transcends lust into unconditional love you are awakened.

When you are connected to a higher awareness within, you are one with everything. When you are at peace with your higher awareness the need to hook up with someone dissipates. The desire to engage in a relationship with someone where the most romantic thing you do with your partner is watch television vanishes.

When you are an awakened being who loves themselves fully, it is your love for yourself that fills your cup and not necessarily someone else. Because your cup is full you love to share your love without compromise and without strings. This kind of love is a completely different state than how most people were taught to be in a relationship, with yourself and your partner.

How do you get this state?

You must be willing to have resolved your past and free yourself from the perception of who you believe you needed to be in order to be accepted by others. This requires you to forgive and free yourself from what has happened in your life after your innocence was stripped away from society and your culture.

Look at what you learned from your parents, school, and how you reacted to both the good and bad times in your life. If this is too difficult consider what the alternative is. When you avoid going deep into your programming and conditioning about love, life, and your sense of self-worth, you will remain lost in the Matrix and not present to what is.

Life is beautiful and so are you. When you give yourself permission to be truly present and open your life is awakened to what love and bliss really is.

Another way of saying all of this is that true love with yourself and with another human is getting in touch with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. This means you have willingly and consciously dropped all negative aspects of masculine and feminine identities and beliefs you have stored away within yourself.

To wake up to self-love and enjoy a genuinely loving relationship with yourself and a partner means you found your true divine self. You consciously acknowledge and accept you are an embodiment of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in perfect harmony.

Society may do everything it can to keep you powerless but that doesn’t mean you have to play along. To feel powerless is being dependent on seeking counterfeit versions of love outside of yourself. Only when you are willing to separate yourself from society’s misaligned ideas about love, can you become truly powerful.

Your power is LOVE. Accept nothing less.

From my heart to yours,
Divine Kika
I Love You 

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