Accelerated Awakening Experience

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by Divine Kika
July 24, 2020 7PM

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Powerful Energy Cleansing


Chakra Balancing Process Through:








to awaken and open each center.

Heart Healing  Heart Opening Ceremony



Divine Feminine


Divine Masculine Energies.

Bring Mother Earth and Father Sky to flow in your body.





Breathing and Invoking Spiritual Guidance and Protection 


Kundalini Rising Breathing Practice!

Invocation of Your Higher self,

Powerful Invocation of your Spirit Guides

Visualize a New Life

Ending Ritual



A proven method to rewire your neurology, and reprogram your brain for happiness.
Most people are programed through societal conditioning to experience stress, fear and sadness.
This will improve your happiness factor.
Have more energy and sexual power.
Access your true strength and LOVE.
Unlock your full potential, regain vitality and embrace a new awaken you.


If you want to take your spirituality, sexuality and your self love to the next level, then this program is for you.


Divine kika is a #1 International Bestseller, a world renowned author, Relationship/ Sex coach, and Tantra Teacher 

As a gifted spiritual healer, and a leading global voice for authentic Tantric experience and practice. Blending spiritual and philosophical teachings from many different cultures from around the world, Alexsandra teaches her students how to heal inner wounds through a deepened understanding of their sexual energy and how they can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity. Seminars workshops, and private lessons that show students how to expand their joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within their personal relationships by broadening their understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective. Sexuality is sacred and you become whole by embracing who you truly are as a sexual and spiritual being.

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