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If Your Sex Life Is Suffering, If Your Romance Is Frayed, If You've Lost Your "Juice"...

...if this has been building for months, maybe even years...

...if your partner has lost interest in sex with you...

...if you're not sure what to do...

The good news is that there *IS* a solution!


What if you could:

  • Have more energy and sexual power.

  • Increase your partner's joy as well as your own

  • Expand your love as much and as long as you'd like.

  • Turn every sexual encounter into a mind-blowing one.

  • Access your true strength and power.

  • Fill the void you have been feeling.

  • Turn every woman you meet into a Goddess.

  • Discover deeper layers of inner and outer fulfillment.

Has Your Woman Lost Interest (Or Have You?), And You Don't Know Why?

When Will You Reclaim Your Sexual Power?

Perhaps you’ve been taught that it's just part of "getting older".

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You were put here to stand in your masculine power, just as women were put here to be in their feminine.

There is no life (literally) without sex, so it only makes sense that it's a natural and crucial component of any healthy, vital life.

It's time to un-learn the lies you've heard, open to the truth and be present to manhood in a way you've never before.

Yes, it's sometimes easier said than done.

But if you have the desire, if you have the will, then I have the knowledge to unlock your full potential, regain vitality and embrace a new power.


Alexsandra Marianetti, is a # 1 INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER  and has been talking about greater sex love and intimacy  on ABC NBC and FOX several times. She is known to her clients and global following as, Her seminars, classes, workshops, and private lessons have supported thousands of people to awaken to their divine love and uncover new levels of intimacy in their relationship with themselves and others.
Kika has supported thousands of people (couples and individuals) around the globe to awaken their divine love and uncover new levels of intimacy in their relationships and personal lives. Kika can teach you the essential and most life-changing practices of Tantra in just a few short private sessions, or through her classes, retreats, and workshops.

Hi, I'm Alexandra Marianette, and my greatest fulfilment comes from helping men and women expand their sexuality and love through the power of Tantra.

From an early age I was drawn to Tantra and have studied with internationally recognized teachers (such as Charles and Caroline Muir, and Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra) and many other well-known figures in the world of western Tantra.

Perhaps you have read articles or books about extending your orgasm. Maybe you even signed up for a course on Tantra but couldn’t wrap your head or heart around the concepts.

Or you may be one of millions of men who bought pills and supplements to enhance your libido. If you’re reading these words, it’s likely none of them worked.

Let’s face it, you weren’t taught the ancient secrets of Tantra in school. You won’t hear your male friends talking about it at work. And you certainly won’t learn about life force power and ejaculation control watching pornography.

I will show you how to master your sexuality and what kind of practices are required for you to create a consistently blissful experience in and out of the bedroom. Not only that but, you will also learn how to expand your sexual energy into your partner’s body by expanding your consciousness.

You and your partner will learn how to consciously share your life force energy in such a way that you are both entirely fulfilled. And the best part is you will achieve this by learning to master the art of being a modern man.


  • Mind-blowing sex whenever you want

  • Becoming known as a world-class lover

  • Having all-night staying power.

  • Feeling a deeper love, stronger confidence, and satifsying peace than ever before.

Welcome To "Tantric Sex For The Modern Man"

Tantric Sex for the Modern Man" is an 8-week online training program, developed for men like you who want to take their sex, love and fulfillment to a new level.

“Tantric Sex for the Modern Man” gets results.  The lessons are short to fit your busy life, and the exercises are powerful.

If you want to take your sex and love to a new level then this program is for you. (And if you want to stay where you are, it isn't.)

If You Want To Take Your Sex And Love To A New Level Then This Program Is For You. (And If You Want To Stay Where You Are, It Isn't.)

I Am Ready To Become a Master Lover who Always Satisfy!

Start here !

Here's What You'll Learn In "Tantric Sex For The Modern Man":

  • How to control the tipping point of your ejaculation.

  • Tantric sex truths and techniques for ejaculation control.

  • How to open your heart and become capable and available to fulfill her.

  • Exercises for cycling sexual energy through your entire body.

  • How to enhance your sexual prowess and become a better love for your partner.

  • Three spiritual ways of ejaculation control.

  • How to balance and sustain the pleasure scale of ecstasy.

  • The single most powerful practice to stay connected to your partner.

  • How to touch yourself in a new way, from a new place, and for a higher purpose.

  • Learn to increase self-confidence, and awaken spiritually by mastering the art of masturbating with self-love.

A Recap Of What You're Gonna To Get

  • The Perfect Masculine Lover Package - 20 years of research compressed 19 Eye-opening Videos that are Fun, Juicy, step-by-step, hold you by the hand and share with you the secrets on how to expand the length and strength of orgasmic power.

  • Increase and prolong pleasure for you and your partner,Remember how your woman use to look at you and want you, get that back and more.

  • I will reveal Higher emotional, physical, sexual intimacy.more happy moments, less fights drama…

  • Become a master of your sex life

  • Improved self esteem and confidence.

  • Increase passion pleasure and presence .

  • Unlock massive pleasure traction and confidence. What that means is no embarrassing moments, you get to decide when… and if climax.  (Value $1297)

  • Learn how to use the ancient secrets of tantra and Sacred sexuality to attract the people and the things you want in your life-Online Video Course(Value $597)

  • GET 70-page guidebook - be the lover that Always satisfies - with practical everyday exercises - tested on over 312 men, PDF Book (Value $597)

  • Rewire your Happy-Factor, be able to feel and give more pleasure - overcome years of heart-ache and trauma. This will help set you free from past shame, embarrassment and confusion.

  • 1-hr one-on-one session private and personalized just for you over Skype or Phone  (Value $450)

  • PMS Secrets (or how to avoid her rage and know when to go for romance…) women will really love that you understand them - sometime better than they understand themselves. (value $197 - or priceless if you apply it…)

  • That's OVER $2,997 of value, but you can have it all for just $997 or 3 payments $397 each

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Over 400 man has successfully  got what they wanted this is your time!

Watch what people experience with this training

Create Your Own Success Story NOW!

This course isn’t just about becoming a better lover. It’s about how to become a better man than you have ever imagined.

Listen, if you want to bring more love into your life, become an extraordinary lover, and create fulfilling relationships, I invite you to take control of your destination now by mastering the language of love.

Change your life forever and discover your extraordinary bliss. It starts with the first step, and it must be experienced to be understood. Step onto this path of expanded awareness and transformation.

With that in mind, it is my mission and a purpose to share this wisdom with you in the Tantric Sex for the Modern Man Course so you can experience the deepest kind of love, sex, and intimacy – and to have the most exquisite pleasure, passion and joy in your life! You Deserve It.

I Am Ready To Boost My Relationship And Turn My Sex Life Around Now!

 This Course Is Right For You!

✓ Your heart feels unfulfilled even after you have achieved your life goals.

✓ You feel energetically drained by a lack of fulfilling sexual experiences.

✓ You feel overwhelmed by the pressures of your job, life, and sexual cravings.

✓ You are having difficulty communicating what you really need; to yourself and your lover.

✓ You are looking outside your relationship for what you believe it is lacking.

✓ You want to rekindle the love, passion and fire in your relationship.

✓ You are in a happy relationship but still longing for more depth and connection.

✓ Your sex life went from passionate and fulfilling to lifeless and unsatisfying.

✓ You are looking to regain your life balance through a more empowered expression of your sexuality.

Got Questions?

Great! I've Got Answers Too!

Because I've helped hundreds of men just like you.  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try the exercises.

The lessons are recorded and delivered online so you can watch (and re-watch) the lessons at your convenience, wherever you are.

Your private coaching calls are scheduled with me between 9 am and 4 pm PST.

I am ready to be sexually satisfied happy and completely fulfilled loved and appreciated for who I am. I am taking a step to become the best version of my self right here right now!


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